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We’re growing for 2021

A Little History of Northfield Nursery

We are a well established family run business.  Mr & Mrs Gore started the business in 1979 growing salad crops for local markets.  Tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers were their staple product in the initial years, all produced on their seven acre nursery site.    With increased competition from larger and foreign producers the viability of these crops became less sustainable.

In the mid 1980’s they produced 8 hanging baskets for a local pub.  Year on year they produced more and more hanging baskets and plants to sell from the farm gate and to local businesses.  

In 1996 Mr & Mrs Gore’s son Adam joined the business after finishing a horticultural degree course and a few years working in the horticultural research industry.  In 1998 Mr & Mrs Gore’s daughter Rebecca also joined the company; Rebecca had finished a business course at college and has several years experience in the retail industry.

In 2000 Northfield Nursery produced its last edible crops for sale and turned its attention to producing hanging baskets and plants.  

In 2001 Northfield started to supply garden centres.  This started with five local centres, and a total of 1000 units.  Over the next decade the business developed a strong reputation for quality and price in this sector.  By the end of 2011 total annual production had reached 50,000 units.  The nursery’s customer base includes over 200 garden centres, pubs, hotels and restaurants all over the country.

The family take great pride in what they produce and strive to maintain a high standard of quality in all that they do.

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